Friday, 8 September 2017

Getting experiences - beyond the school

It is great to see that many of you have started getting involved in groups in school and are even in the process of starting new groups.  These are a good way to gain some experience, but in order to have a CAS portfolio that will really help you  get into the further studies/work you should have experiences that take you beyond the school.

A good place to look for these is:

Even though most of  the opportunities here are written in Swedish it is possible for people who don't speak Swedish to apply.  I will try to publish a few of the most appropriate examples when I see them - but you can also look yourself.

Here are a couple from  this week:

Uppsala Photo Festival - 21st to 24th of Sept
Uppsala is just a train ride away.  They need volunteers to work at this event and have even published the details in English!  Check it out here and apply for a great service experience.  Really great chance to meet photographers from all around the world.

Help in the Red Cross Shop
The Red Cross has a shop at Hornstull and they need volunteers.  A good way to practice a little Swedish - we have had non-Swedish speakers volunteer for this previously.

Other opportunities

Stockholm Film Festival
It has become a bit of a tradition for students at SIS to help out at this exciting film festival in Stockholm.  Great for film enthusiasts as you get to see the films for free if you do enough shifts!   They even have the information in English on their webpage

Individual Interviews

I am currently working on a schedule for the individual interviews.  They will be starting next week on Weds if all goes to plan.  I will send the times out on MB and put a copy on the pink notice board. 


I will also run a session on the project during advisory on the 18th of September.  I expect all students to have started their project this term.  Remember,  you must have at least one project and it:
  • must be done in collaboration with someone else,
  • should be planned by you and your fellow group members, 
  • needs to take more than a month.  
  • can be any or a combination of the strands - creativity, activity and service.   
  • documented using the  CAS stages document.  You can find the document for recording the stages on the pages on the right - Links to CAS documents.  It is a view only document so you will need to take a copy in order to edit.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Current opportunities

It was great to hear from the grade 12s about the CAS they have been doing over the last year.  Here is a summary of the information with dates and contact people.

Amnesty International Group - Marie L and Sophie C - meet in C10 - Monday break

Student newspaper - Sophie B and others - meet on Weds at 15.30 in C5. You can see the newspaper at -

MUN  - model united nations - Julia V - meetings Tuesday break C5

Invisible People - facebook page -
Johan V, Wonsik K Hyung Min C
Speak to them if you are interested

Music group - Sophie C and Elise J - speak to them if you are interested will meet Friday break.  Sign up on the list on the pink board

Rhino group - meetings on Tuesdays break in C10
Watch one of the videos here.  This group is also in the process of making a book and will need people to help sell and market

Giving out food to homeless people in the mornings - Nicolas L - speak to him

Nepal Group - Giordan or Tess in grade 11- speak to them if you are interested - look out for meeting times

Wild Life group - this is a new group - see the posters. Friday 25 August in C5  morning break
Speak to Amelia H, Dorothy 

Do you speak Swedish and want to work with refugees?  
Mondays and Wednesdays from 18.00 to 20.00 FFT holds homework help sessions for refugees on Södermalm.  Speak to Ms Smith if you are interested.  There are also other times and places you can help - see me if you are interested.  We even have a group of students that comes to school on Thursday afternoons.  At the moment Lucas M, Victor S and Johan V currently run this, but will be looking for replacements later in the school year.  You can speak to them or to me if you are interested.

Student Council -meetings in Weds break in C5

Film club - Thursday break in C5.  Speak to Salvador D, Jacob A.

PS if you can't watch the videos on chrome - try Safari!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Welcome Students of 2017 - 2019

Welcome to CAS 2017 - 19.  I am sure you are all going to have some wonderful and educational experiences as part of CAS and I look forward to meeting you all and discussing your ideas.

On this blog, I will publish regular updates about CAS opportunities as well as good examples of CAS.  

You can find all the important documents and links on the pages at the side.  This includes:

Over the next few weeks we will be learning more about what CAS involves and how you can develop your CAS portfolio.  Most of this will take place during advisory time.

Everyone will be called to an initial CAS interview in September/October.  You will be expected to have completed your CAS profile form and uploaded it on to ManageBac under documents on your CAS portfolio.

You can read posts from previous years to see what other students have done - just note that posts older than August 2017 refer to an earlier version of the CAS guide.

I am looking forward to working with you all and hope that you will find CAS and enjoyable and enriching part of your IB Diploma Programme. 

CAS is about getting out there and learning by doing.  There are opportunities close by - you just have to keep your eyes open!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

CAS is Complete

Does your CAS portfolio look like this?
That means you have completed your CAS. Congratulations!!!!!

Some of you still have a couple of small things to fix and I am sure you will do that this week.  if they are not marked complete by next week, you will be called for an interview during the study week.  Once I see everything is in order I click the complete box on my page and the above image appears on yours.  That means that you can take a cat nap.
My cat - a CAS blog always needs a cat

It has been great to meet with all of you and talk about what you have done for CAS.  There has been such a wide range of experiences and many challenges faced by students over the CAS period making it hard for me to choose just one person for the CAS award.  In the end, I have chosen more than one.  The awards will be announced at the Graduation Ceremony.

Here are some the experiences that this year graduates have completed:

  • Directed a play
  • Started a film club
  • Made several films
  • Organised collections for refugees and helped with a refugee party
  • Ran campaigns for Amnesty International
  • Held a fund raiser and participated in a march for Rhinos
  • Made major contributions to MUN in Scandinavia
  • Ran student council along with fundraising efforts for Nepal
  • Wrote articles, and edited the student newspaper
  • Volunteered for film festivals and sporting events in Stockholm
  • Wrote blogs and took photos
  • Made websites for charities
  • Started a sports group
  • Participated in school sports teams
  • Performed musical items at various concerts/events and made music recordings and wrote lyrics
  • Produced a webpage for a charitable group
  • Ran activities such as football, maths club  and story telling for younger children
  • Gone to the gym, yoga and dance classes
I have certainly not covered them all.  It was a pleasure to hear all your reflections and thoughts about the IB learner profile.  It's been a great 2 years and you will all be missed - even if you will not miss my constant reminders!   I will send a CAS report to all of you once they are all complete.  Download it as you might find that it comes in use someday!  I have had students asking me for them years after they have finished so put it somewhere safe. Don't forget to unsubscribe from the blog for next year. And do well in your exams. 

And this final blog would not be complete without a corny blog.  I know that congratulations might be a bit early but this is such a great song.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Monday, 13 March 2017

Almost there....

A short post this week as I have written a lot of comments on your portfolios.  I have removed the hour counters - if you were wondering what happened to that.  Hours are not what count but the quality of your CAS.  The hours were to help you keep track of how much time you spent.  In order to have a completed CAS portfolio you must have quality reflections for each of the outcomes, covering all of the strands.  Here are some pointers to help you write good reflections:

Describing memorable moments, obstacles, difficulties, successes. 
Expressing feelings. Show how you felt about your experiences. 
Generating ideas. Rethinking or re-examining choices. 
Asking questions. Questions about people, processes or issues
What do you perceive and notice? 
How do you feel being involved? 
What do you think and feel about the experience itself? 
What does the experience mean to you? 
What value does the experience have? 
What did you learn from this experience, and how might you apply this to your life more generally?

These were mentioned on previous post but there is a possibility that you missed that!!!

Don't write about how good you are but be critical - and make sure you mention what you have learned. Making mistakes and learning from them is valuable experience.

Great video.....

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Final Phase

You will all receive appointments for your final CAS interview.  It is important that you are prepared when you come to the interview.

  • You must have all your reflections and evidence up-to-date
  • You must have evidence and reflections for each of the 7 outcomes.
  • You must have a variety of experiences across the 3 strands
  • You must have a final reflection where you show how you have met the 7 outcomes as well as how you have developed according to the IB learner attributes.
  • You must have a completed CAS stages document for one project - your project must be at least one month long and done collaboratively with others.
You need to show all these at your final interview.  Interviews start on March 24th. Anyone who does not have all the above will have to come to an extra CAS session from 13.40 - 15.30 on March 30th.  This is an obligatory session.

If you do not have all the above your CAS portfolio will not be marked complete and you will no be eligible for the IB Diploma

See me if you are missing something - it is not too late to fix most things but you are going to be busy so see me as soon as possible.  DO NOT wait until you come to the interview

At the interview you will be asked the following questions:

CAS programme:

  • What did you most enjoy about CAS?
  • Did you manage to reach your goals?
  • What was your greatest challenge in CAS? How did you overcome this?
  • What have you achieved through CAS?
  • What have you learned about balancing your time with your choices and commitments?
  • How did knowing the CAS stages assist you? Where else can you apply these CAS stages in future learning or in life in general?
  • How do you already apply what you have learned from CAS in your daily life? How can this continue as you make future choices?
  • Looking ahead, have any new goals emanated from your CAS programme?
  • How did you integrate the three CAS strands in your overall programme?
  • Describe your CAS project: how you planned, who collaborated, your roles and responsibilities and the results of your collaboration. How were your expectations met or exceeded?
CAS Evidence:

  • What has the role of reflection been in your whole CAS programme? Describe any way your experience with reflection has been helpful and memorable.
  • How could you use something similar to a CAS portfolio in future endeavours?
  • In what ways has the process of reflection and collecting evidence of your CAS experiences helped you develop the attributes of the IB learner profile? What would you do differently?
CAS learning outcomes:

  • How did you improve and develop your planning skills?
  • What did you learn about yourself and others?
  • What have you learned through working in collaboration with others?
  • What abilities and skills did you develop most significantly in CAS?
  • Did CAS help you to consider issues of global importance? How?
  • Which learning outcome did you find most easy to achieve? Most difficult to achieve?
  • What qualities did you discover and develop? What areas for growth were evident?
  • What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?


  • What could be improved about the way CAS is organised in school?
  • What advice do you have for upcoming CAS students regarding making CAS enjoyable, sustained over time and meaningful?
  • Five years from now, what will you remember most about your CAS programme?
  • Watch the video